We Tell it Like it is
Because we're looking out for you, and Bill O'Reilley too.
Hillory, if you want to be the next President, you must tell thousands of lies to the simpleton Spicks and Coons and Honkies in our party like I do. Promise them all the fucking buritos, tostidos , fried chicken, and watermelons they can eat, and all the Coronas and big malties they can drink. 

I know that, I know that,  now get your Your fucking Monkey paws, that always  smell like grease fried chicken off of me, you Marxist, Communist, Kenyan Baboon, or I'll have you put in jail.

But Hillory, Communism is good. I have a picture of Lenin on my dresser and I kiss it every night befor I go to bed. And I have a 67 Kruschev in my wallet.

You're a fucking uncouth, slovenly smelling, Kenyan cockroach and you  stink from stale cigarette smoke.

But Hillory, I love you. The ceiling above my desk is laced with dangling gobs of gisum, I think of you every time I yank my hooha.

Hey numbnuts, why don't you go and hose Shilla Jackson Lee or Maxine Waters?

They woun't give me anything, and besides that, their coochies both smell like an old dead octapuses washed up at low tide.

Hey, I know someone in the House who's got the hots for you.

Who's that, Hillory?

Barny Frank, he's going steady with the Salami Brothers but I hear he's got the hots for you too. bwaaaaaaaaaa. 


Obama and Hillory have a spat
Obama's Army of union thugs
We is Obama's Army of union thugs and we is rock solid. We is so rock solid dat we doan have to wear helmits.
we is going to all deh teaparties. We is gonna drop kick all deh old stinky,  yappy, piss ant white ladies right out deh  windows. Den we gonna corn hole deh young plump ones.  Make um squeal, give um Syph and Ghonorrhea and African VD.
Photo's from Syria
Ah is  General Apenuts, deh  one wid deh biggest nutsacks full ob VD .
When our little Syrian Muzlums don't want  to eat their fried mice for breakfest and try to run away, we chain them up to the table until they does. 

Deh Taliban
We supports Obama.
"Come clean, you lying sack of shit. "

The Pope forces Obama to come clean
I will make a Novena for this clod-hopper, in hope that he will see the light. It's the least I can do. 

                          The Pope 

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A pictorial history of the evolution of Liberalism, according to Darwin 
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Fooled you  dummies again, heh, heh
A pictoral history of the evolution of Liberalism
"Get your  stinky paws off me you fucking anti-American, Marxist, Communist, brain dead Baboon, or I'll have you put in Jail.   And change your fucking underwear once in a while. You attrct more flies than a Illinois cowpie, you idiot. " 
Just in:  Hot off the wires:
Obama's Physical

Doctor, Doctor, look at Obama's x - Ray
He not only has a block head, he has a square asshole too. 

Obama X -Ray   no 625734nx5
Hmmmm, I'll bet he shits out Lincoln Logs

The Nurse:      Bwaaaaaaaaa
The Doctor:       Bwaaaaaaaaaaa
The X-Ray Tech: Bwaaaaaaa
A Bystander: Bwaaaaaaaaaaaa
I swear, my pals  Al Sharpton and  Jeromiah Wright are right, America stinks and I'm gonna change it.